An Interview with the International Dance Team of Sri Lanka

Q1. Can you tell us what was running through your mind before the performance? Were you excited to perform on an international platform or were you nervous?  


Ans- Of course, we were excited as this stage was BIG. Performing on an International Stage was a privilege. Also, representing our culture in India which is a perfect example of a diverse country was an honour. Our whole team was looking forward to this performance. 


Q2. What encouraged you to choose dance as a career? Dancing is a form of art but people generally fear to jump into this as a full-time profession as it is not considered stable?


Ans- Dancing is not our profession. It is our "Passion". We are people from all walks of life. We come together as a team to celebrate our passion. We share our experiences with each other from our daily life. One of our members is going to New Zealand to pursue Electrical Engineering for higher studies. We work in our respective fields but dance together to spread happiness.


Q3. Who inspired you to give your soul to dancing? Do you have an idol or is it just your passion?


Ans- It is just our passion which has brought us at such a huge platform. We admire various personalities from all the realms of dance forms. But someone we truly respect is our dance teacher who has refined our moves and have blend us together as one team.


Q4. Do you generally perform as a team or you give solo performances too?


Ans- No, we have come together as a team for this international event. Every one of us excels in different dance styles. But it was a great experience preparing for this event for almost a month as we got to learn from all of us.


Q5. So what are your future plans? Will you continue your journey as a team or go on for your solo ventures?


Ans- For now, we will continue with our individual practice and performances. But if we get another chance to share the stage we will happily perform together as a team.


Q6. What places have you visited or you have in mind to visit in Gwalior? Did you like the hospitality of our nation?


Ans- Gwalior is a Beautiful city. We haven't heard a lot about it before but we have visited some places like The Sun Temple and The Gwalior Fort. We were left awestruck by the architectural beauty of this place. We loved the hospitality as well as the food. We are sure to visit India again to explore more of its beauty.