An Interview with RH Dalmia, President of OCL India Ltd.

Q1.What gave you the inspiration to move to the business sector?

Ans. I was lucky enough that it was our family business. So it was kind of an easy decision for me to move into business once I was done with my studies.

Q2. When you became the President of the Dalmia Group, what were the difficulties that you faced?

Ans. I was lucky to have a silver spoon in the mouth. I was the Vice-President when my brother was the president and when he retired, I took over. So there weren’t any major difficulties.

Q3. OCL was established way back in the mid 20th century and it still makes a significant impact in the market today. What do you think are the factors which led to such good sustainability of OCL?

Ans. The most important factor is that we always took care of our stakeholders and we never cheated our customers and suppliers. We tried our best to keep our employees motivated. We ensured to contribute towards the society, both urban and rural, and in that way, we made a name for ourselves in the society that this organization is a really good one. So because of this, because of our concern towards people, our quality, we have sustained in the market even after all these years.

Q4. You’re the President of OCL and also the board member of many other companies. How do you manage your time between all of this?

Ans. I think that time management happens from the heart. If you want to do something, then you can do it. After you reach a certain position in the organization, you delegate your work and delegation is very important to run a large organization. And delegation is possible only when you have faith in your employees, otherwise, you would want to do all the work by yourself. When you live your life with human values, you won’t have any problem with these things.

Q5. You’ve done your bachelors from IIT Delhi. What do you think are the major differences that you find in the educational system from your times to now?

Ans. We had a set curriculum and had to study all the subjects which were included in the curriculum, unlike now where you can choose your subjects according to the credit system, which ensures that the students study their core subjects along with their subject of interest. Also, bachelors degree was of 5 years back then as compared to the 4 years now. Secondly, labs were not completely accessible during those days. But now, the labs are open and any student from any field can take up a project in any field and work in labs. You can also take the assistance of your juniors and provide them with exposure. There are many clubs these days, like a technical club or cultural club, and they have provided vast opportunities for students.

Q6. How can we as students contribute towards the Drug-Free India Campaign?

Ans. Drug-Free India is a simple awareness campaign. Awareness does work, but it has to be followed up by trying to identify the affected people and help the drug addicts to get out of that addiction.

Q7. What are some bits of advice you would give to engineering students?

Ans. I believe that every student has to ensure his/her all-round development. They have to utilize all the opportunities available within the institute and out there in the society for their development. But along with self-development, it is the responsibility of every student to think about the society and the nation. If you can instill this thought in your minds now, this is going to remain with you forever, otherwise, you would remain self-centered, which will lead to injustice. Our parents and teachers teach us good habits, but we learn the bad ones in society. So students have to ensure that they do not get into bad habits nor let other fellow students get into bad habits. They have to help and support one another, and support is only possible when you are just and altruistic. So now is the perfect time to seek opportunities and develop your character and personality and build your thoughts for the nation.