Should sexual education be taught through the school curriculum or should parents take care of it?

“A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing!”

It is rightly said, before starting a venture, learn all about it. The raging hormones and the sensual touch of the opposite gender often open the door of curiosity and desire. And that’s when a teenager falls into the appealing trap of unprotected sex. Along with it comes various STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and the guilt of aborting the unborn soul.

Sexual Education should be part of the school curriculum to avoid unwanted pregnancies, STDs and also guide the Dopamine spark of romance. Otherwise, the teenagers will quench the thirst of this curiosity by seeing unrealistic porn and experimenting on their own.

Parents too play a major role as the child's first teacher are his parents. But I don't think parents too are well aware of all the areas concerned about this topic. Also, their views may be diplomatic or tempered with religious and social beliefs. Parents do have a say in this but I don't think it's the sole responsibility of the parents to give their child sexual education.

Proper curriculum and syllabus, along with the interactive classroom environment give students a platform to overcome their shyness and speak up. Also, doubts could be cleared outside the class but only by an expert. Such a system will only answer the bubbling questions and will ensure a safer and healthier future.