Crystals Enable Healing- Myth or Fact?

Are crystals an alternative to medicine or just some vibrant rock advertised with a purpose? Stating that a crystal could cure diseases raises many eyebrows. People constantly question the logical and scientific reasoning behind and question whether it’s true. This article aims to provide you with a deeper insight into healing crystals: are they real or just a money-making myth?


Firstly, let’s eliminate the obvious, crystals cannot cure someone who suffers from a sudden car accident or an open wound. Such injuries require immediate surgical attention from qualified doctors/surgeons with more than eleven years of medical education. Secondly, to clear any doubts, kryptonite is a crystal. Unfortunately, it is only a fictional mineral that deprives Superman’s powers. This takes us back to the most basic question, what are they? 


Everyone has their own approach to the understanding of healing crystals. In terms of substance, healing crystal is a name given to fossilized minerals that are believed to have beneficial health properties. In ancient times, these crystals were used in rituals so that souls could reincarnate. In the legend of Atlantis, crystals were used to generate power for the entire city. They have also been believed to ward off negative energy that has caused diseases and promote positive energy flow in the body. This is where its medical use originated from. 


From a scientific perspective, there have been countless research projects examining the actual truth behind these crystals. Conclusively, there is no scientific evidence to support the benefits of these healing crystals, neither has there been any conclusive statements saying that they are a hoax. Despite this, many people have experienced the benefits of these healing crystals and they are constantly used in massage therapy rooms and other similar environments. This is why many psychologists say that there is a large possibility that rather than having medical benefits, they have a placebo effect. 


Research in London in 2001 observed the effects of crystals in 80 participants. Half of them were given real quartz crystals while others received fakes. All believed that their crystals were genuine. The results concluded that there was no correlation between the use of the crystal and a comforting effect. This implies that there was the presence of the placebo effect in the participants. In this case, we could argue that healing crystals actually have an easing effect mentally and emotionally but not in the way that it is advertised. 


In a nutshell, the truth about healing crystals is difficult to justify. There are different perspectives on a controversial topic. However, it is a fact that crystals cannot provide supernatural powers to cure open wounds but rather, are able to provide a mentally relaxing placebo effect to those who believe in their ability. At the end of the day, it all comes down to- What do you believe? Are healing crystals a myth or a truth?