Does Reality TV promote dangerous stereotypes???

TV was the pinnacle of technological advancements in 1980's in India. Such was the craze of TV serials that people used to leave all their works only to sit before TV and enjoy seeing things which used to exist only on paper. In those times TV was purely for informative and entertainment purposes. However with change in time, some negative questions started arising, particularly question whether Reality TV promotes dangerous stereotypes or not?? So let's answer this question….   DISCLAIMER!!! - All characters and incidents in this film are purely imaginary, resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental. This is the tagline which reality TV showmakers use to shield themselves and produce absolutely ridiculous, absurd, meaningless shows only to increase TRP. Over these years Reality TV shows have evolved from pure entertainment to pure TRP increasing shows. The most classical examples are SAAS-BAHU serials. Earlier daughter in laws were considered as daughters only in families but these shows portrayed so much, so much hate between saas-bahus that today everywhere they are looked upon as arch-enemies. The hate shown is soooooooo much that the time in saas-bahus reality shows is not far when both of them will be handed NUCLEAR WEAPONS to blast on each other !!! These serials completely degraded original beautiful relation of saas-bahus.