The Flagship of Independence

1900s, a time when countries such as ours served as colonies to the British, much like slaves to a Tenant. But that was also the beginning of a time when citizens of India started to realize their ‘citizenship’. Revolutions started to come in effect and conspiracies were planned to overthrow the British Rule, which ultimately led to The Freedom of India.

However, it was also a time when people used to blindly believe in unhealthy cultures such as Female Infanticide, Dowry systemSati Pratha, etc. They were clouded enough to follow such treacherous deeds, but that was until after many years of Independence when people started to open their eyes and see the beauty hidden in anything and everything.

Independence of India is indeed a heavy word. Heavy? It carries the weight of millions of lives. The weight of billions of Cries. The weight of Sacrifice. The weight of Sorrow. The weight of Strength. The weight of Freedom. The weight of Joy. The weight of Love. The weight of Progress. The weight of Hatred. The weight of Regret. The weight of Realization. The weight of Hard Work. The weight of Success.

Independence Day not only signifies the independence of India from the British, but also independence of Indians from a time of total chaos, a time of struggle, a time of non-social thinking. . The essence of Independence is not only to rejoice of Freedom from Imperialism but also to remember and learn from the sufferings of our great Freedom Fighters who made a Free India possible. We are not very far from the aim freedom fighters had and the dream our ancestors had for the future of India, yet we have miles to go before we get to sleep.

Mother India. A proud word. She has watched us grow, watched us play, watched us making mistakes, and watched us hurting her. She has watched us bare, without judging, yet blessing and punishing us accordingly. We call her Mother for a reason indeed. We all may criticize each other, fight with each other, but at the end of the day, we all lie under the same sky, sharing our Mother India’s lap.

Science had developed tremendously in the 1900s, mainly due to World War 1 and 2. Although new technologies came late in India, its archaeological artifacts and cultural purity made India a unique country. It is not just another of 193 countries in the world.

India’s population, back then was 330 million, belonging to 4600 religions, castes, and linguistic groups. Today it is 1.2 billion belonging to 4600 religions, castes, and linguistic groups, such as the diversity of our country.

A new batch joins our Institution every year. All of us had to leave our Homes to live in Hostels. It is an inevitable phase in all of our lives whose importance we quite often seem to neglect. It is difficult at starting in this new lifestyle to engulf the reality that we are standing on a self-built ground now. It is on us, how strong and how tall we want to rise.

For a little self-awareness, look at the following example- It’s been less than two weeks since the new Batch has joined our Institution, and we have participants for Independence Day event from all the courses. Some are performing a dance, some are performing an act, while some are writing this article!

Here’s something you all can relate:-

Q:- Write the Output of the following command line:-

students@India-PC: ls Future\Of\India\is*

(Ps:- You can’t cheat on this question :p)

Even Today, when we watch a documentary or read an article about the struggles of Great men behind our county’s Freedom, we feel a tinge of chill, a slight push of blood in our veins, making us proud to be living in a country full of Diversities, full of Cultures, full of Patriotism, full of Talent, full of Life.

And that my friend, makes us, Indians.

Happy Independence Day ☺