An Open Letter To Steve Smith

Well, Steve, I ain’t writing this to sympathize with you or to give false hopes that everything will be the same again. I know a warrior like you needs none. Rather, it’s an apology that I, till now, thought that we were different, me an Indie - you an Aussie …that we are rivals. But your mistakes reminded me that we are exactly the same, at least in this aspect. We both err and this is what makes us same, this is what makes us young and this is what makes us grow! And I really won’t ask you not to stray again...I’ll ask you not to stop disappointed and never stop working on yourselves and never ever stop from doing what we’re best at moving on. We all make mistakes. Don’t let those stop you!

And man, it takes a man to accept the responsibility…and man bigger to work on it. Your ban may be taken as an example but I can’t wait to see your comeback as one and I’m sure you won’t let me down!

This is a bad, bad world with worse people in it and the worst thing that you can do now is believe what they’ll want you to…Believe that it’s all over. Just remember that no failure is bigger than the lessons it brings along…no mistake mightier than the perfection it pays off!

That was a cruel time and it’s gone now. You have been barred from the Internationals but brother…these borders don’t matter…what matters the most is how many borders are you ready to push through at the nets. When this world tries you from standing up…show them you can run and if they dare stop you from that…let your flight be their answer…your skies - their explanation.

Who says you lost everything? You got your father, your fans and the whole world praying for you…you got yourself, you got time and you got everything that you’ll ever need to excel. You’ll say it’s the best time to die…I’ll say die but die like the phoenix that arises from the ashes with fire enough for this world to notice!

You did wrong but one wrong doesn’t make you wrong. Steve Smith will return. And when you return…return strong…let your shots do the talking!