An open letter to Ms. JK Rowling

First of all I would like to start off by stating the fact that I am nearly obsessed by your Harry Potter franchise. I religiously follow all updates and new additions to the Harry Potter world, eagerly swallowing up all nuggets of information that you provide now and then. My love for your writings started when I was 13 years old  , and now 7 years later it hasn’t waned , even though I am an adult now. I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that my love for reading started after coming across your masterpiece.  The magical world that you have created out of your imagination is brilliance personified . Sometimes I wonder whether you are not a witch yourself , and are violating the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy by revealing the secrets of the wizarding world to us muggles . But alas , reality has a stronger grip on me and I know that cannot be true, regardless , that does not stop me from making my gullible younger brother believe that I am a witch in hiding . 

Your novels not only transport us to a fantasy world,far beyond our reach , they also teach us lessons in humanity . The underlying theme in your novels is quite a strong one . It has taught me the values I ought to cherish and nurture . It has taught me that evil can not be defeated by even more evil, for love conquers all . The darkness and misery resides in all of us , it is up to us , whether we embrace it and let the cantankerous rot seep into our mind and soul turning us angry and bitter towards the world , harming ourselves in the process . Or we can look outwards and let the beauty of the universe heal us . The character that fascinates me the most is Professor Snape . Surprising as my choice may seem to you , I think he possessed the strongest character in your novels . He managed to turn his strong dislike towards the Potters and decided to protect Harry till his dying breath, all for his love for Lily. This impressed me the most , for this is never an easy thing to do . I am inspired by you , since you fought against poverty and recent estrangement by your husband , and still came up with such a wonderful story. 

You are an inspiration to all of us Potterheads . I also want to applaud your charity efforts through Lumos . This is not something many do after achieving success , especially authors. I wish you success in all your further endeavors .