As a concerned citizen,

It would not matter now whether the person writing this is a male or female because thinking over that would be very trivial though,but the matter concerned is quite grave.

National Commission for Women(NCW) works to protect and foster rights of women in this country.Innumerable attempts have been carried out by your Organisation as well as the Government of India to safeguard women’s rights.A strong wave of feminism has taken a strong shape,which is definitely hard to be suppressed.The masses have started beginning to know a totally different face of today’s woman viz strong,independent and the one worthy of taking her own decisions.Social media also has supported in this regard.There are a lot of posts on social media,be it pictures or videos,depicting the changing shape of the position of women.Now,women have started striving for equality.Indeed the purpose of your Association seems to be solved.Good.Very well!

But let us give it a thought the other way.I had written till now as a concerned female citizen of India.It is now the turn to see this issue from the eyes of a male.Let us imagine a scene where a long queue waits outside a bank ATM,it would have been a common sight in the recent Demonetization drive.A long queue,of only males,is standing and everyone is waiting for their turn.Suddenly ,a woman approaches and asks may I go first and withdraw the money.Now the person refusing her would be considered extremely ill mannered and the crowd could even abuse him for all this.Consider another scenario of a Delhi metro train.The train stops at a station.A lady enters and is offered a seat by a man who was sitting,not by his will,but by the repeated urges of the fellow passengers.

So the concern is would this situation continue or can even grow?If a person is judged on the basis of his/her abilities,then why is the wall of gender coming in between?On one hand,you talk of equality for women and thus support equality,being a strong supporter of feminism here.On the other hand,you start seizing what is with the men and start giving it to the women.This is what is called Feminazism.

The lady savaging that bank queue had to wait outside for her turn because the persons already standing there were also leaving their works for the purpose.The lady offered a seat in the Metro had to wait for an empty seat as she had entered the Metro train late.

Now,this is what is called hypocrisy.You cannot just make one class of people superior to the other class in the process of making them equal.So,a grave concern is hereby drawn to start some work in this direction too,otherwise the very name of your Organisation would not be proved.It would soon convert from RIGHTS FOR WOMEN to POWERS OF WOMEN.