Uthaan is journalism and recreational forum of the institute, by the students for the students. This forum has been formed in order to enable all round development of the students in all facets of life. Our aim is to develop and nurture every sort of quality in the students. It is a forum which serves as a bridge between academics and student welfare. We are the eyes and ears of the institute, when it comes to any event occurring inside it, We cover the events through all forms of media.

Prof. S. G. Desmukh

Director ABV-IIITM

I have seen Uthaan grow from a mere 4 members to 32 members. The success of Uthaan is a result of dedicated work of its student community.Uthaan is a wonderful platform for the students to showcase and nurtue their talents aside from academics.

Prof. Rajendra Sahu

Faculty Co-ordinator

Uthaan is a bridge between academics and students' welfare. It exposes the students to the outerworld by giving them a platform to interact with the players in professional fields.It is a forum that promotes all round development.

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Fresher's Intro 2k19 || Facche Chronicles || Uthaan || IIITM

Watch the freshers explore the campus and it's lifestyle with their over enthusiasm and loads of misconceptions. Let's have a look at the future of the institute with a sweet nostalgia of our first year in this beautiful institute.

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Producto Promocion

It is a recreational event. Here the students will be given an imaginary product and they'll have to promote and sell it.


It is a recreational event. The participants will perform in a team and individual member will be given a thing to draw and other members would have to guess it.

IPL Auction

It is a recreational event.


It is a photography event.

In the moment

It is a photography event.


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